Creating Your Meeting Jesus Timeline

You can run a seven-week session of Meeting Jesus in the Gospel of John at anytime during the church year, as the content is not Lent-specific. Be sure to engage small group leaders and start to prepare for the sessions at least eight weeks in advance in order to ensure the most participation.


If you choose to use this as a Lenten resource, we recommend the following timeline:

Late November/Advent: Identify small group leaders within your parish and ask the to participate.

Epiphany: Small group leaders publicize and invite individuals into small groups. Make decisions about time and location for groups. Prepare journals.

Transfiguration Sunday: Hold introductory small group meeting, and, if using videos (which is not necessary for small group conversation) begin watching videos.

First Sunday in Lent: Second small group session. Theme is “God is love.”

Second Sunday in Lent: Third small group session. Theme is “The Word Became Flesh.”

Third Sunday in Lent: Fourth small group session. Theme is “Close to the Father’s Heart.”

Fourth Sunday in Lent: Fifth small group session. Theme is “I Have Called You Friends.”

Fifth Sunday in Lent: Sixth small group session. Theme is “Abide in Me.”

Palm Sunday: Last small group session and concluding conversation about being sent out into the world. Theme is “I Declare to You.”

We recognize that not all groups will be able to meet on a Sunday. In this case, we recommend that groups being held Thursday- Saturday have their initial session before Transfiguration Sunday  and groups being held on Monday or Tuesday have their initial session after Transfiguration Sunday. This will ensure that the last session for the Thursday-Saturday groups are not held during Holy Week services. If you are using videos, you should start the videos the day your group holds their introductory session.

If you are using the Wednesday Evening Lenten Program Format for your parish, please see that curriculum for a specific timeline, as it is modified expressly for Wednesday evenings during Lent. Please note that we strongly recommend the typical seven-week session format be used as it provides for more personal and community growth, and allows groups to take full advantage of the rich content offered by the SSJE brothers.