For Further Reading

There’s much more to say about small group ministry for parishes!

Education for Ministry is a wonderful resource for creating and sustaining small group ministries in your parish. Based on a model of seminar, prayer and reflection, EfM groups are a balance of intellectual and prayerful work together. EfM mentors may be good resources for your small group leadership and former participants may become the backbone of your group. If you have a strongly academic group, you may suggest they look into EfM when this course is finished.


Living Compass offers short wellness courses for adults and teens on a variety of topics. Their courses offer specific ideas for the development of small group ministry. Your parish may already have a Living Compass trained Community Wellness Advocate. If your Lenten small group is successful, you might pursue further training through Living Compass.


Sticky Church, by Larry Osborne, is an entire book dedicated to small group ministry. Aimed at a more evangelical audience than most Episcopal churches, Sticky Church contains valuable insights into how small groups function best.