How to Run a Session

Knowing ahead of time what needs to happen in order to be a successful small group can ease anxiety about being in a leadership position. Here are general guidelines to prepare for and facilitate a small group session:

  • Don’t wait until the last minute to look at your curriculum! Leaders learn alongside other participants, however it is important for the facilitator to know where the lesson is headed. In addition, there may be activities that require gathering material.
  • Do the work with the group. Group members can tell if you don’t put the effort into the exercises. If you don’t, why should they?
  • Send out reminders to your group about your upcoming session in the ways that they prefer to be reached. Depending on your demographic, this could be anything from a Snap to a phone call.
  • You may wish to ask group members to lead different pieces of the small group session, like the gathering prayer or worship. It’s best to give members lead time to prepare, as not everyone is ready to jump in at the moment asked.
  • Pray for each member of your group. We’re serious. It makes a difference!