Week 3

Week 3 Day 6: United in Love

“Do I focus on the gift, or do I turn and say thank you to the one who gave it?”

Br. Luke Ditewig reflects on I John 4:11,12, inviting us to nurture awareness of God’s love and God’s gifts in our lives.

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Week 3 Day 4: Depending on God

“In everything he does Jesus often stops and gives thanks and acknowledges his Father.”

Br. Jim Woodrum studies the model of Jesus’ relationship with the Father in John 5:19 for a hint of the relationship Jesus desires with us.

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Week 3 Day 2: Loving and Being Loved

“When we abide in God, when we abide in Jesus, we can thrive.”

Br. James Koester reads John 15:9 and offers practical ideas for how we might call on deep human friendships to help us abide in God.

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Week 3 Day 1: Knowing and Being Known

“As beautiful as we are, we’re also a bit of a mess.”

Br. Curtis Almquist reflects on the image of the Good Shepherd in John 10:14, a rich metaphor for our need of help and God’s abiding love for us.

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