Week 6 Day 4: The Witness of the Evangelist

“The reason we know about God’s love revealed in Jesus is because people we knew have witnessed to him on his behalf.”

John 21:24 inspires Br. Mark Brown to reflect on what it means to be a witness to the love of God in Christ.

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Week 6 Day 3: Laying Down Our Lives

“We’re made strong by the model of self-spending love so that we can go out into the world and practice it.”

Br. Keith Nelson finds in I John 3:16 a reminder that the most powerful way to testify to the risen Christ is through serving others in love.

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Week 6 Day 2: Serving Others in Love

“When we give witness to the Word, most often we won’t be needing words.”

Br. Nicholas Bartoli meditates on I John 3:17,18 and finds the key to modeling Jesus’ love that lays down its life in the practice of vulnerability in community.

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Week 6 Day 1: Sent into the World

“What is it that you know in the bottom of your heart – of God’s light, and God’s life, and God’s love?”

Br. Curtis Almquist discovers in John 17:18 an invitation for us to speak the Gospel as it has been revealed to each of us, in the individual and unique circumstances of our lives.

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Week 5 Day 6: Abiding in Love

“So there’s a little paradox here…”

Br. Mark Brown meditates on the paradox of John 15:4, pondering how we cannot be separated from God’s love in Christ and yet simultaneously can be more intentional about abiding in God’s love as a conscious choice.

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Week 5 Day 5: Accompanied by the Spirit

“If I’m honest, it’s a real challenge to abide in Christ for the long haul.”

Br. Geoffrey Tristram meditates on the promise of John 14:15-17, encouraging us to consider how the Spirit is prodding us toward authentic life in Christ.

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Week 5 Day 4: Made Fruitful by Love

“It’s important for us first of all to receive God’s love, before we can give it away.”

Br. David Vryhof finds in John 15:5 a powerful image for our own need to stay connected to the love of God, a connection that is the source of our fruitfulness.

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Week 5 Day 3: Nurtured and Sustained by Love

“Jesus keeps giving us – like our daily bread – food, nourishment for the soul, which is indeed himself.”

Reflecting on John 6:51, Br. Luke Ditewig notes that just as we need to eat every day, so we must allow ourselves to be nourished daily by Jesus.

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Week 5 Day 2: Protected and Guided by Love

“When we take some time in silence, to listen to God as we would listen to a friend, we can come to know the One who speaks to us.”

Br. James Koester reflects on John 10:14,15 and encourages silence as a powerful practice for learning to hear God’s voice.

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