Small Group for Older Adults

While many older adults have a unique depth of perspective and experience when it comes to spiritual conversations, they also have a unique set of needs and challenges that can be fruitfully addressed given appropriate preparation. Strengthening the spirituality of older adults, who are often in positions of leadership in your parish, can help to strengthen the entirety of your parish.

This may also be an opportunity to capitalize on the many small groups that already exist within your parish– the Men’s Breakfast Club, or the Altar Guild, and transform them from primarily social groups to groups that have conversations about spirituality and God.

Seven-Week Small Group Model

This curriculum will guide you through discussions on the content of the prayer journal, focusing on the Brothers’ central question each week, but with some activities and questions modified for use by older adults. This curriculum can be used as a stand-alone curriculum, but it is our hope that participants will go deeper by working daily with the prayer journal.