Small Groups for College Students and Young Adults

We define young adults as adults between the ages of 18-30. Of course, there are different stages of being a young adult that may not exactly fit within a specific age range. For many, the first stage of young adulthood is leaving for college and being in a structured academic environment. The next stage is a “crossroads” stage, where young adults are making choices that will influence the rest of their lives, including choices about work, location and family. The last stage of the young adult is a time of settling down and growing into the choices that have been made. Small groups consisting of entirely young adults can be helpful in creating support for one another without pressure from older generations who often don’t fully understand societal and economic pressures facing young adults.

For a successful young adult group to thrive, there are a few extra considerations for your group.

We have crafted a Seven-Week Young Adult Curriculum to be used in conjunction with the prayer journal and our online conversations.

Seven-Week Young Adult Curriculum

This curriculum will guide you through discussions surrounding the entirety of the prayer journal, focusing on the Brothers’ central question each week. This curriculum has been designed specifically for young adults. It can be used during Lent if started during the last week after Epiphany.