Diocesan Staff Roles

While one person, preferably with a small committee, should lead the diocesan-wide dive into Meeting Jesus, you’ll find you have more participant buy-in when key diocesan leaders are involved.

Recommended Best Practices for Diocesan-Led Participation:

  • All visible diocesan leadership should participate online at least once a week to demonstrate diocesan commitment.
  • Send out weekly themes and diocesan social media hashtags in advance of the program and invite diocesan staff who regularly use social media to join the bishop in posting during the program.
  • There are six weeks of content. Have different diocesan leadership blog weekly on the Meeting Jesus theme. Invite a cardinal rector, well-known spiritual director, or youth to blog one of the weeks, in addition to the bishop and the canon to the ordinary.


We know that bishops are busy. However, we believe that a visibly engaged leadership team is the best promotion of a diocesan-wide Lenten program.

  • The invitation to the diocese to participate in Meeting Jesus should come from the bishop.
  • If the diocese is blogging, the first blog about Meeting Jesus should be from the bishop.
  • We encourage the bishop to use her social media platform to promote and participate in weekly hashtags.
  • If using the program during Lent, the diocesan “Happy Easter” message should include something about where the diocese met Jesus.