Getting Small Groups for Older Adults Started

Older adulthood is a time of spiritual growth and also challenges. Having the support of other older adults in the form of a spiritual small group can provide a safe place for important conversations to happen.

Here’s a great way to get started:

    • Read through the small group information found on this page and pray about whether or not you are feeling called to start a small group. You may feel called to help start a small group but not be a group leader. If that is the case, pray about who you might ask for help. If you discern that you are called to be in a group, keep going.
    • Make a list of your friends or acquaintances who would benefit from a faith-centered small group. This may or may not be people who attend your worshiping community.
    • Invite the people on your list to think about joining your small group, preferably in person. Be very clear from the outset about the commitment to show up for each session for seven weeks, and the commitment to engage with the material.
    • Follow up about their decision a week or so later.
    • Once you have gathered 8-14 people, set a time and a place
    • Order your prayer journals or download them from the website. There are large print versions of the journals available.
    • Start preparing for your sessions!