Getting Started: Choosing Facilitators and Building Groups

Choosing Facilitators
Finding gracious and competent facilitators is key to building healthy small groups. Give yourself plenty of time – 6 weeks is optimal – as these people will need time to prayerfully consider your request and, if they say yes, will need to determine how they work this small group into their schedule. As we recommend two people lead each group, you may have to ask several people before you get a yes.

Possible candidates should be respectful, thoughtful, and open-minded. Facilitators do not need to be experts in the content area, rather they should be individuals who have demonstrated the ability to listen deeply. Sometimes the best leaders are those who are not the first to speak up. Give your potential leaders enough lead time that they can review the facilitators’ guide, watch our training webinar, and ask for help if they need it!


Building Small Groups
You may be starting a brand new group or using an existing small group or parish-wide educational time. Whatever way you build your small group, be sure to give plenty of time for participants to plan. Explain the purpose and content of Meeting Jesus in John: to explore independently and together what it means to meet Jesus, as we read in Scripture and experience in our lives. Be clear about time commitment: the most important piece is that participants commit to being together for the duration (7 weeks). Weekly gathering times will vary, but participants should plan on at least 90 minutes together. Meeting Jesus in John is an opportunity to spend time in relationship with others, focusing on the love of God in our lives.