Getting Young Adult Small Groups Started

Young adulthood is an incredibly exciting and incredibly stressful period of life. Having the support of a young adult spiritual small group can provide a safe place for important conversations to happen.



Read through the small group information found on this page.

Pray about whether you are called to start a small group. You may feel called to help start a group but not to be the leader! If you are not called to lead, who might you ask for help? If you do feel so called, keep reading.

Will your group meet in person or online? 

You can find more information about starting small groups online here.

Brainstorm who might join you. 

Make a list of your friends or acquaintances who would benefit from a faith-centered small group. This may or may not be people who attend your worshipping community.

Extend an invitation to the people on your list. 

Be very clear from the outset about the commitment to be present for each session for seven weeks.

Follow up with those whom you have invited a week or so later. You are looking for a “yes” from 8-10 people.

Set a time and a place. You can follow the timeline found here.

Download your prayer journals here.

Start preparing for your sessions!