Planning for Wrap-Up

If you are using this program during Lent, we encourage the bishop to acknowledge the completion of Meeting Jesus within the context of an Easter message. If you’ve been engaging your diocese over social media, using those platforms to conclude your time together is also important.

  • The final week of Meeting Jesus, “We Declare to You,” is well-suited to concluding and commissioning participants to continue to meet Jesus in their daily lives.
  • Invite participants to share via social media how they’ve met Jesus. Remind followers of your unique diocesan hashtag as well as #MeetingJesus to join the larger, international conversation.
  • You can also invite participants to respond to a Facebook post or even email in responses to the program.
  • Give your participants a short script to fill in, such as “I met Jesus in _______.” Invite responses in words and images!
  • Possible uses for the gathered responses are inclusion in the bishop’s message or for a presentation at diocesan convention or in marketing material. Consider making a word cloud from all the responses.