Diocesan Timeline

Meeting Jesus in John can be used at any point in the church year. We recommend working ahead of time to maximize participation. Planning ahead will bring the most enjoyable engagement to diocesan staff, bishop, and participants.

However, if you wish to use Meeting Jesus as a way to engage your whole diocese during Lent, we recommend this timeline:


  • Decide on the level of diocesan commitment to Meeting Jesus.
  • Appoint a diocesan point-person to run the diocesan Meeting Jesus project.
  • Review Quiet Day schedule and appoint Quiet Day leadership.
  • Schedule Quiet Day.
  • Communicate with parish leadership about Meeting Jesus.
  • Begin to identify diocesan influencers who will blog, tweet, and otherwise promote and engage with Meeting Jesus before and during Lent 2018. Remember, you are looking for those who will write as well as those who will use social media to promote and extend the invitation to Meet Jesus.



  • If the diocese is promoting in-person small group participation, encourage parish leadership to start looking at the facilitation guide and identifying facilitators and hosts.
  • If the diocese is creating small groups from Quiet Day participants, facilitators and hosts should be identified, following the recommendations in the facilitation guide.
  • Confirm Quiet Day logistics: date and place should be reserved and on diocesan calendars.
  • Ensure advertising and communication regarding Meeting Jesus will be ongoing during Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany.


Early Epiphany:

  • Set up Quiet Day registration.
  • Begin Quiet Day marketing campaign with graphics, short teasers and registration information.
  • Remind those who were asked to be guest bloggers that they are expected to write a blog post about their assigned weekly theme.
  • If promoting in-person small groups, remind parish leadership that they should have chosen facilitators and hosts for small groups. Invitations to join the small groups should be ongoing.
  • If the diocese will be hosting small groups formed from the Quiet Day, facilitators and hosts should be chosen and participants should be invited to join the small group when they register for the Quiet Day.
  • Send out traditional and social media reminders promoting the Quiet Day and Meeting Jesus.


Late Epiphany:

  • Close Quiet Day registration.
  • Encourage diocesan influencers to be on social media, promoting Meeting Jesus.
  • Set deadline (we recommend no later than January 31) for blog texts from guest bloggers.
  • Schedule online posts.
  • Prepare for Quiet Day!


Saturday before the Last Sunday in Epiphany:

  • Recommended date for diocesan-wide quiet day.


Last Sunday in Epophany:

  • Weekly theme is “God is love.”
  • First video from the brothers of the Society of Saint John the Evangelist goes live.
  • Social media campaign starts in earnest.
  • We recommend that in-person small group sessions begin this week, unless parishes are using the Wednesday Evening Small Group format, which begins the Wednesday after Ash Wednesday.


First Sunday in Lent:

  • Weekly theme is “The Word Became Flesh.”


Second Sunday in Lent:

  • Weekly theme is “Close to the Father’s Heart.”


Third Sunday in Lent:

  • Weekly theme is “I Have Called You Friends.”


Fourth Sunday in Lent:

  • Weekly theme is “Abide in Me.”


Fifth Sunday in Lent:

  • Weekly theme is “We Declare to You.”
    Begin to wrap up Meeting Jesus by promoting “I met Jesus _______” on social media.
  • Encourage influencers and parish leadership to gather responses and forward them to the diocesan point person for inclusion in diocesan wrap-up.


Palm Sunday:

  • During this week the concluding in-person small group session is held.


Easter Sunday:

  • Release pre-written Easter message from bishop, celebrating the work done by the diocese in Meeting Jesus.


  1. Chris I on 01/24/2018 at 12:36 am

    Good Afternoon, I am hoping to use facebook as my medium to present the upcoming Meeting Jesus. I see that there will be videos provided. Do you have any suggestions on how I can get those videos onto our church Facebook site? I am not too bad with the internet but a suggestion would go a long ways to assisting me in this effort.

    blessings in all you do


    • dpresnell@ssje.org on 01/26/2018 at 6:32 pm

      Hi Chris,
      You can forward the daily emails with the videos each day in Lent, or to use Facebook, you can click on the video links and share those via Facebook during Lent. Alternately, the weekly compilation videos are available here http://meetingjesusinjohn.org/video-preview/ and you can use these links for Facebook as well. Also, the videos will be post during Lent to SSJE’s Facebook page so you could simply share those on your own page or group.