Transforming Existing Small Groups into Faith-Based Small Groups

What do the men’s breakfast club, the altar guild, and the vestry all have in common? They are all small groups!

Many Episcopal parishes don’t think they have any sort of small group ministry, when in reality their parish has multiple small groups whose members are already working hard at supporting and loving one another. However, many of these groups only rarely take the time to talk about issues of spirituality, go deeper with scripture, or pray together.

Consider asking your hidden small groups to take the time to go deeper in faith and with one another by taking up Meeting Jesus as a group discipline. Even just seven weeks of intentionally spiritual small group work can connect parishioners more deeply with God and with one another, and infuse a sense of meaning in the work they already do.

Although these groups already have leadership, the pre-existing leaders may not be the best facilitators. Consider working with the leaders to identify members of the group who would be willing to serve as facilitator and host during the seven weeks of Meeting Jesus. Groups will need to decide how to continue with the work they are called to do while meeting together in this new way. Finally, an appropriate transitional time should be marked to discern the end of study and the continuation of work.