Introduction to Resources

On this page you will find complete resources to support you as a group leader or facilitator for Meeting Jesus in the Gospel of John. No matter where you are on your journey as a faith leader, whether you are leading a group of your peers or guiding your entire congregation through this Lenten program, or at any juncture in between, there is a facilitation track for you.

Everything you need is here. Download the prayer journal PDF or images to promote the program on your website or in print. Get information on ordering prayer journals in bulk or access to large print journals. Find text to copy and paste into emails, text messages and social media accounts, and even tips on bringing this Lenten program to your rector. And perhaps most importantly, read what others in the faith community are sharing in the comments section of each post. If you find something missing or that you still have questions, feel free to email to help you along the way.

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