Sample email, text, or social media post for your prayer, bible or study group

Bring Meeting Jesus in the Gospel of John to your prayer, bible or study group

SSJE and VTS want you to have a successful experience leading your group through this six-week program of faith. Below are some simple ways to get your group interested depending on how you communicate with your group members.

EMAIL: Copy, paste and modify as an email to your group list

Dear _________________,

During Lent this year, our group will be praying with the words of John the Evangelist from The Gospel According to John and First Letter of John. These two texts describe how God, out of deep love, sends Jesus into the world to live among us. By learning from Jesus and his teachings about the God he calls ‘Father,’ we will discover God as One who longs for deep intimacy with each of us.

Signing up for this program is free and easy. Simply visit to sign up, then you’ll receive a daily email in Lent with a short video & reflection from one of the Brothers at the Society of Saint John the Evangelist. We’ll write our own reflections in the companion prayer journal which you can order from Amazon for $3.50/journal or $35/10 (click here for links) or download and print a free pdf.

TEXT/MESSENGER: For use in groups texts or messenger services

Exciting news! We’re praying together through Lent using Meeting Jesus in the Gospel of John. Check it out at and we’ll discuss further at our next meeting.

SOCIAL MEDIA:  Post to your own social media accounts or in your online prayer groups

Post this image along with photos of you and your group together announcing Meeting Jesus in the Gospel of John as your Lenten project. Include url ( and ask for comments from your group members.