Share Meeting Jesus in the Gospel of John

Share Meeting Jesus in the Gospel of John in your parish and community

Lent offers a wonderful opportunity to gather the faithful in prayer and reflection around the knowledge that Jesus lived and died for each of us. Share the opportunity for others to participate in this Lenten journey in a variety of ways, within the parish or in your broader communities.

  • Schedule brief information sharing meetings just before or after your church service
  • Speak with your rector about sharing a message from the pulpit
  • Share posts on your social media accounts and ask others to share as well
  • Buy a prayer journal as a gift for a friend
  • Create a Facebook Group for anyone interested in participating and use the space for shared reflection
  • Speak to your friends at other parishes and share information on how to participate with them
  • Purchase prayer journals for adult children and friends living elsewhere and get them involved, encouraging them to share with their own parishes and communities