Talking with your rector about Meeting Jesus in the Gospel of John

Talk with your rector about using Meeting Jesus in the Gospel of John in your parish

 It’s difficult to get a new idea off the ground. Most people feel more comfortable with something they’re already accustomed to, like giving up something for Lent. Asking people to sign up for a daily email video and then to reflect on the daily message in a prayer journal rather than simply giving up chocolate may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Think about asking your rector to encourage your parish to participate. As you know, the power from the pulpit is influential and a short message from the rector encouraging others to become involved may inspire congregants to consider trying something new.

Make it simple for your rector by offering a bulleted list of talking points to help keep his or her message focused on the key elements of the program, and offer to stay after the service to answer questions and even help interested congregants sign up.

Encourage your rector to participate in the program and lead the congregation by example. If your rector has participated in Lenten offerings from SSJE previously, have him or her share how the program impacted him/her in previous years.