Online Timeline

The good news is that online groups require less logistical planning than in-person gatherings. However, you still have to prepare, much of the work of an online group is in careful preparation of engaging social media. Meeting Jesus can be used at anytime during the year, so simply allow yourself enough time to engage your friends and get their commitment to participate.

If you’re going to use Meeting Jesus as a Lenten discipline, here’s a recommended timeline:


Early Epiphany:

  • Start talking to your friends — in person and online — about getting a group together. Engage your possible audience on the platform you think you’ll be using.
  • See who might be interested in praying through Lent in a different way!

Late Epiphany 2018:

  • Set up your online group. If using Twitter or Instagram, create your hashtags.
  • Start the conversation about group norms; be sure to pin it in a visible place.

Last Sunday of Epiphany (Transfiguration Sunday):

  • Begin video content if your small group will be using the video content.
  • Using the prayer prompts and scripture from prayer journal, create memes and engaging questions to start conversation.
  • If you don’t want to make your own, follow the Meeting Jesus online curriculum for recommended prompts.

Last Friday in Lent:

  • The last day! It’s important to close your group in a meaningful way.
  • See curriculum for recommendations on to end your online group well.