Empowering Yourself to be a Group Leader

Good facilitation requires intention, however, it is a skill that can be learned and honed. To prepare first-time small group facilitators, we’ve created some resources that will help you lead your small group.

  • There will be a webinar for facilitators in December. This 60-minute webinar is free and will be recorded and available for viewing on this website.
  • There is a closed Facebook Group for all Meeting Jesus facilitators. The group is intended to be a space for conversation and solidarity. To join this group, please request to join.
  • Center for the Ministry Resource Team members, Becky Zartman and Charlotte Greeson will be available via email to answer questions and will also be hosting hour-long Zoom meetings during Epiphany and Lent of 2018. Curricula have been written to support first-time facilitators by providing questions and guidelines for group leadership.

All of this being said, the very best facilitation training is taking part of a small group that has a good facilitator. Consider tapping former Education for Ministry (EfM) participants or others (do you have former or current college Residential Assistants in your friend group?) who have previous small group experience to get your initial small group programming started.


As the role of host is nearly entirely about hospitality, hosts don’t need to be trained the same way that facilitators do. Rather, clear expectations should be laid out about host duties.

Here’s a short list to get you started; your own context may demand additional duties.  

Hosts are responsible for:

  • Welcoming group members to each session
  • Making sure the meeting space is clean and tidy
  • Ensuring that all group members know where to store their belongings and where the restrooms are
  • Acting as timekeeper, so that the facilitator can move the group through their allotted exercises
  • Provide closure at the end of each time together with prayer and reminders for the following week
  • If there is to be a meal, coordinating food. Hosts need not provide the meals, but they do need to coordinate with group members or the parish to ensure that meals are ready to be served in a timely manner
  • If the small group is meeting in the host’s home, hosts should ensure that their home is safe, clean, and welcoming