Multi-parish Timeline

Planning ahead will bring the most enjoyable engagement for your multi-parish community. Meeting Jesus in John can be used during anytime of the church calendar, so be sure to allow at least eight weeks of preparatory time from when you make the decision to run the program to when you start the program. 

If you choose to use Meeting Jesus during Lent, here is a recommended timeline:


  • Gather leadership to figure out what programs best serve your context.
  • Begin to gather leadership.
  • If doing a Quiet Day, schedule a Quiet Day (we recommend the Saturday before the Last Sunday in Epiphany.)
  • Begin communicating to parishes

Early Epiphany:

  • Set up Quiet Day registration and communicate with congregants.
  • If doing in-person or online small groups, find leadership.
  • Set plans for time and place small group(s) will be meeting.

Late Epiphany:

  • Close Quiet Day registration.
  • Prepare for Quiet Day!
  • Make sure facilitators and hosts feel prepared (please have them sign up on

Saturday, February 10th:

  • Recommended date for Quiet Day

Last Sunday of Epiphany (Transfiguration Sunday):

  • Weekly theme is “God is love.”
  • First video from the brothers of the Society of Saint John the Evangelist goes live.
  • If there is not a Quiet Day on Saturday, we recommend that in-person small group sessions begin this week, unless parishes are using the Wednesday Evening Small Group format, which begins the Wednesday after Ash Wednesday.

First Sunday in Lent:

  • Weekly theme is “The Word Became Flesh.”

Second Sunday in Lent:

  • Weekly theme is “Close to the Father’s Heart.”

Third Sunday in Lent:

  • Weekly theme is “I Have Called You Friends.”

Fourth Sunday in Lent:

  • Weekly theme is “Abide in Me.”

Fifth Sunday in Lent:

  • Weekly theme is “We Declare to You.”

Palm Sunday:

  • During this week the concluding in-person small group session is held.

Easter Sunday:

  • Release Easter message from parish leadership about how your communities met Jesus this Lent.

We recognize that not all groups will be able to meet on a Sunday. In this case, we recommend that groups being held Thursday- Saturday have their initial session before Transfiguration Sunday  and groups being held on Monday or Tuesday have their initial session after Transfiguration Sunday. This will ensure that the last session for the Thursday-Saturday groups are not held during Holy Week services. If you will be encouraging participants to watch the videos, you can have the videos start to be delivered to their inbox the day that you start the small groups.