Planning a Multi-parish Quiet Day

The Gospels are full of examples of Jesus taking time off to be still and pray. Quiet days are allow for time and space to keep our relationship with God fine-tuned. Quiet days are also good for forming relationships between people who might not have known one another before and who will be meeting Jesus in conversation.

Questions to Consider in Planning Your Quiet Day

Quiet Day Logistics:

  • Who is running your Quiet Day? Will this be a local leader, or someone you bring in to offer reflections and run the day?
  • Where will you hold your Quiet Day? Is there enough space for everyone?
  • Weather. How will you notify participants if there are dangerous weather conditions?
  • How much will participation cost? Will there be a registration fee, if only to cover refreshments and lunch?
  • How will you notify your congregations about the Quiet Day? What is your communications plan? If using Meeting Jesus during Lent, plan to advertise before Christmas or in the latest early Epiphany.


  • Is your meeting place handicap accessible?
  • Is there clear signage? Plan for newcomers.
  • Have you made plans for light breakfast/coffee and lunch? How will you accommodate food allergies?
  • Have you sent clear instructions to attendees about how to find you, and where they can park?

Quiet Day Content:

You can find a sample curriculum for the day here, or modify it or make your own.