What’s Right for my Multi-parish Meeting Jesus Experience?

Only you will know what’s best for your multi-parish small group, but here are some possibilities.

Multi-parish Small Group(s)

One or more in-person small group is formed from different parishes who meet weekly at a central location.  

Online Community

Form an online community made up of multiple parishes that meets at the same time using video conferencing technology, or an asynchronous community that engages with the same Meeting Jesus questions and scripture each day. Although we recommend a Quiet Day to begin relationships if people do not know each other before starting an online community, this is not strictly necessary.

Quiet Day & Small Groups

A Meeting Jesus Quiet Day thrown by the participating communities introduces the small groups to one another and prepares them to start their Meeting Jesus small group journey together.

Quiet Day & Online Community

A few different parishes come together to have a Quiet Day using the Meeting Jesus Quiet Day resources, and then gather together online to walk through Lent 2018 together.

Quiet Day & Individual Journaling

Multiple parishes sponsor and throw a Meeting Jesus Quiet Day, and provide journals for individual reflection within their congregations.

Get creative! You could have a pulpit swap between your communities to further engage Meeting Jesus, or do Wednesday Evenings in Lent using the Five-Week Curriculum at one of the churches. What are the gifts of your communities that you can draw on to make this collaboration a really special experience?