Week Four: I Have Called You Friends

Prayer: Jesus, help us be good friends to each other and help us be good friends with you. We want to be closer to you and love you better. Amen.

Discussion Questions for Dinner:

  • Who is your friend? How do you know they are your friend?
  • How are you a good friend to others?
  • Jesus says that when we do what Jesus tells us to do, like being kind to others or caring for people, we are Jesus’ friends. (John 15:12-14) What are some ways you can be a friend to Jesus?

Car Question: How were you a friend to Jesus today?

Activity: Thank You for Being a Friend

Needed materials: Card-making crafting supplies, or simply a piece of paper folded into a card. Crayons/markers.

Purpose: Help children recognize the importance of friendship.

Think of someone who is a friend to your family, or a friend of your child. Take time to make a card together and talk about what that person does to be a good friend, and how you are thankful for that friend’s presence in your lives. Write a thank-you note in the card (or have your child dictate a note to you) and put it in an envelope and send it to your friend.