Week One: God is Love

Prayer: Loving God, we ask to experience your amazing love for us, that we can truly know and believe that we are totally and unconditionally loved by you, no matter what, now and always, just as we are. Amen.

Discussion Questions for Mealtimes:

  • Can you tell a story about a time when you felt loved? What happened to make you feel so loved?
  • Did you know God loves you just the way you are? How does that make you feel? Why?
  • Because God loves us so much, we can share God’s love with other people. What are ways that we can show others we love them? Do you know someone who needs more love?

Car Question: Where did you see God’s love today?

Activity: Where do we see God’s love?

Materials needed: Photo album/baby book, or digital album found on social media

Purpose: Help children identify where they can see God’s love in their own life.

Sit down with your child and go through a photo album, baby book, or a digital photo collection of your family. As you go through the pictures, point out where you see your family loving each other. Ask your child where she sees you loving each other. After a few of these photos, start to talk about how God loves us. “Do you see how Daddy cares for you in this picture? God takes care of you, too.” “Do you see how Mommy is feeding you in this picture? God makes sure that we are fed.” Another example: if you see pictures of a beautiful sunny day, you could say, “Do you see how beautiful the world is? God made the world for us to live in because God loves us.” Ask your child to spot the places where God’s love shines through!