Week Six: We Declare to You

Prayer: Wonderful Jesus, send us out into the world, so that we can show people God’s light and life like you did. Make us a doer of your love, a shower of your compassion, and a helper to your grace. Amen.

Discussion Questions for Dinner:

  • We are able to tell others about God because someone first told us. Who tells you about God? Where else can you learn about God?
  • What are your favorite things about God? How has God helped you? What is good about God, or Jesus, or the Holy Spirit?
  • Who needs to hear about God’s love? How can you show or tell them about God’s love?

Car Question: Where did you show or tell about God’s love today?

Activity: Messages of Love

Needed materials: Sidewalk chalk.

Purpose: Tell others about God’s love.

Take some sidewalk chalk and chalk up the sidewalk outside of your home, church, or another place where people need to be reminded about God’s love. Write encouraging messages and draw pictures together. Talk about the people who might pass by and how we can show or tell God’s love for them.