Week Three: Close to the Father’s Heart

Prayer: Jesus, when you walked with us, you were still very close with God. Help us be closer to you, and with God, too. We want to know your love. Amen.

Discussion Questions for Dinner:

  • When we say that two people are “close,” we mean that they know each other very well, and are very comfortable with each other. Who are you close to?
  • We can do certain things that help get us closer to God. Do you have any ideas about what sort of things can help us get closer to God?
  • What do you think might happen if you and God get to be close? How do people who are close to God act?

Car Question: When did you feel close to God today?

Activity: For All the Saints

Needed material: Access to an internet connection, or any book about saints

Purpose: Teach children about those who have figured out how to be close to God, and talk about their lives.

Access the Forward Movement Liturgical Calendar or open up a book of saints. Choose a saint. If using the liturgical calendar, you might consider picking the closest saint to the day you are doing this activity, or your child’s birthday. Read the short synopsis of their life. Ask your child questions about their life. Who told that person about God? How did they become friends with God? How did the saint stay close to God? What did the saint do in response to God working in their life? If there’s interest, choose another saint and have another conversation.