Week Two: The Word Became Flesh

Prayer: Jesus, you came to live with us as a real person, with a real body, and real thoughts and feelings. Please help us to know God better as a God of Love, Light and Life. Amen.

Discussion Questions for Dinner:

  • What do you like about being a person? What don’t you like about being a person?
  • We believe that God became a person, who was Jesus. Why do you think God wanted to become a person?
  • Do you think God learned anything when God became a person? What do you think God learned?
  • What do you think Jesus was like as a kid? What games would you play with Jesus? What else can you imagine about Jesus?

Car Question: Did you meet Jesus in anyone today?

Activity: Full Body Prayer

Materials needed: A big piece of paper, to trace your child (or, just a normal size piece of paper with a person drawn on it.) Writing utensils.

Purpose: Help children understand how their whole body is loved and can be used to love God and other people.

Trace your child, or draw a person on a piece of paper (stick people are perfectly fine!) Ask your child to choose a part of the body. Near that part of the picture, you write, “God be in/with my _____, so that I may ______.” For instance, you might write, “God be with my feet, so that I may follow God” or “God be in my hands, so that I can help other people.” Continue through the body, writing these down. At the end, stand up and pray it together, asking your child to place their hands on the part of the body that you are praying for. At the end, say, “Amen!”